Lita & Co. is built around four generations of women...

with a passion for global travel and artisan-made goods. Its founder, Kirsten Lynn, found inspiration for her passion in her grandmother, Doris. Together with Kirsten’s grandfather, Doris traveled to the remote corners of the earth. She brought back beautiful artisan made goods, and as a quilter and sewer herself, was particularly drawn to textiles. Doris’s home was beautifully and tastefully decorated with colorful works from around the globe. Now with Doris as their inspiration, Kirsten, her mother Donna, and Kirsten’s two young daughters are traveling the world together. Everywhere they travel, they make a point of seeking out the traditional textiles of that region. Because they take so much joy in meeting the artisans, hearing their stories, and supporting their work, they dreamed of importing these incredible products back to the United States and realized this passion by founding Lita & Co.

Our Mission

Lita & Co.’s mission is to provide you, our customer, with quality handwoven textiles from around the globe while supporting artisans and sustaining their traditional work. Our products are always handmade, ethical, and authentic. We support communities in places we love by paying above a fair price for traditional artisan-made textiles. By providing a market for the products we source, we aim to make it sustainable for artisan entrepreneurs to continue using traditional weaving methods that are part of their cultural heritage.Through your purchases we sustain and strengthen artisan entrepreneurs around the globe and ensure the preservation of ancient cultural production methods.