We support communities in places we love by paying above a fair pricefor traditional artisan-made textiles. By providing a market for the products we source, we aim to make it sustainable for artisan entrepreneurs to continue using traditional weaving methods that are part of their cultural heritage. Through your purchases we sustain and strengthen artisan entrepreneurs around the globe and ensure the preservation of ancient cultural production methods.

Quiejel Women's Collective

Facilitated by Maya Traditions, a NGO non profit in Panajachel, Guatemala, we discovered the Quiejel Women’s Collective located in the hills outside of Chichicastenago, This collective of talented Mayan women specialize in brocade style of weaving using a back strap loom—an ancient weaving method. 


La Voz women’s collective is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, in San Juan La Laguna, in Guatemala. This collective of talented Mayan women specialize in jaspe weaving, known in some parts of the world as ikat. They use premium locally grown cotton and soft silk that they dye naturally using gathered and grown plants from their surroundings. 

Zapotec Weavers

Vida Nueva is a women’s collective of 15 talented and brave Zapotec women outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Weaving is traditionally men’s work in their community and these women faced many obstacles when starting their collective. They are bold and admirable, and best of all, they do amazing work. Using large foot looms, each item is carefully woven into beautiful products for your home, but first the premium wool must be sheared from local sheep and then naturally dyed using bugs and plants from the areas surrounding their home.